Why should I order prints through you?

I highly recommend ordering prints with your package (and my professional printing lab), but it is not required. The difference in quality is huge when it comes to ordering through a professional lab and the prices I offer are very affordable, so I encourage clients to order their prints with me!

Can I make additional prints from my Disc/CD you gave me?

Yes! Included with your disc of images is a license to print, which you can present at the time you order your prints through your desired company. If this is done face-to-face they will require this release form.

When can I expect my photos?

For A Wedding: 3 months. During peak Wedding Season plan on 3 months to sort through all photos, edit and download onto a beautiful custom wooden USB drive.
For All Other Photoshoots: 3 weeks to sort through, edit and download onto a personalized disc.

What if I am in a rush for my photos?

Ok! With a deposit of $180.00 you will receive your photos on a disc in *15 days!
*(Day 1 begins the day following the photoshoot, 15 business days, excludes Sunday)

How do we reserve our Wedding Day?

A 50% deposit and signed contract is required in order to hold your Wedding Date, two weeks prior to the Wedding, your remaining balance is due.

Can I hire you to photograph our Birthday Party?

Yes! I photograph Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers & More!
You can book me for an hour or four! I will arrive 15 to 20 minutes before the party begins to capture all the pretty details.
• I will pose the guest of honor and any group variations desired
• Photos of games/activities, food, party details and guests
• $100 an hour
• Travel fee not included, varies per location, .56 cents a mile

Do you travel?

Yes! .56 cents a mile within 5 hours. Airfare and lodging required for further destinations.

What if I want to lengthen my photoshoot?

That’s great! Since this is not only lengthening our time slot, but also offering more photo options, I will apply my hourly rate. For every 15 minutes we run over time is $31.25.

What local vendors do you recommend?

I have personally worked with…
Hair & Makeup
Crystal Spher-Dimensions Salon & Spa
Kristen & Co.
Brittany Koryanis-Noir Lash Co.

Ceremony & Reception Locations
Penn Station
Pair Tree Estates

Passion into Mission
The English Hedgerow

The Vintage Bee

What should I wear to a photoshoot?

What to wear is key to a successful session. Clothing compliments who you are as a family, speaks to the environment in which the session is taking place, and coordinates with the home in which the final products will be displayed. Your style should be as unique as your family, so here are a few tips for a comfortable session.

Coordinate & Complement
Clothing is a great way to showcase your sense of style. Instead of dressing your children in identical clothes, dress to showcase their personalities while keeping a common thread of color running throughout all the outfits. This ensures the style remains cohesive but allows each one to shine.

Layers & Texture
Add detail and depth with cable-kit, crochet, lace, ruffles, tweed and cashmere.
Outfits with simple geometric patterns often look great. Those patterns and figures, however, should not be overbearing, just clean and simple.

Dress for the Season
Nothing says summer like sunglasses and tank tops, or winter like knit hats and boots; so be sure to wear those seasonal items. It’s a great way to mark time and show off your favorite items.

Your outfits and accessories are there to be a part of your looks, not to be the main focus of the image. Jewelry, headbands, bows, hats, scarves, belts, suspenders, boots, ties and vests are all great ways to layer texture and add color and dimension.

Subtle Props
Make sure they blend with the theme of the session, but keep them simple. The absolute best prop to add to a shoot is one with history and meaning. But don’t let the prop take over the shoot, be sure it compliments its surrounds.

Artwork in Your Home
If you are struggling with color choices, pull ideas/color from your interior color palette. Remember that when you see those beautiful images you will want to display them in your home.

What is your cancelation policy?

30 days notice is required if canceling a Wedding Session, if 30 days were not given the consultation fee is non-refundable, However if additional funds have been paid those funds will be refunded. Since Wedding dates are first come first serve: rescheduling depends on available dates.

What are your office policies?

Office Hours are Monday-Friday- 9:00-5:00
Saturday 1:00-5:00
Sunday Closed (Exceptions will be made during peak months)

Terms & Conditions
First come first serve, when booking a date for any photoshoot.
I reserve the right to refuse any photoshoot.
Every customer will sign an annual Photography Agreement. Any customer under the age of 18 is required to have a parent/guardian sign a minor model release.
Every disc of images is accompanied by a permission to print release that is written only to the person booking the shoot. If clients would like to purchase a disc (of a photoshoot) they participated in, one can be purchased for $30.00 this would include a permission to print release form.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. A certificate of insurance can be provided to your venue upon request

Do you have a studio?

I have a home office in Lovington, IL where I edit and meet clients, but rarely use it for shooting purposes.

Beautiful Words

“Had such a great time with our family photoshoot yesterday! Thank you so much Kim Kauffman for taking the pictures. We had a great time and can not wait to see how they turned out!!!” –Jackie Crabtree

“Nicole is so excited about her wedding photos. I think she will have you take her family photos for the next 25 years!” –Corina Yoder

“ We just loved having you be a part of our day!! Thank you for everything and we can’t wait to see our photos that you did such a great job on!!! Thank you again” – Nicole Frerics

“A perfect day we will never forget. I love the photos. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you as you grow in your business and also in him! You are an inspiration to many and We definitely enjoyed our times spent together!” -Lisa Rocke

“Thank you so much for capturing all those precious pictures.” - Charity Gingerich

“I can’t get over this picture for some reason, I do believe it is my all time favorite photo. Thank You! You Rock!”- Linda Dawn Yoder

“Amazing Pictures by an amazing Photographer.” –Leslie Schultz

"Photography for me is not looking, it's feeling. If you can't feel what you're looking at, then you're never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures."