A Change Is Coming

- Jan 31, 2021 -



Hey There,

a fresh calendar page and a new year have always inspired me to pause and look at my past and future, especially my business. You might find my blogs a bit more concise but no less encouraging or well-meaning in the coming year.

I hope that you journey through these new and exciting changes with me.

You will see changes, but my heart is still tuned to Jesus and ways to serve you efficiently. So think of it as an upgrade! And in the meantime, enjoy God’s beautiful creation and marvel at His attention to detail and how much more He loves you, lovely friend.


I can’t wait to share more exciting things to come! I dislike being vague, but some things are worth the wait!

Any guesses or comments on ways to serve you better is MUCH appreciated!

Stay Cozy, friends!

xoxo, Klassic Photography

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