The Perfect Place to Breathe

- Nov 30, 2020 -

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me. And lead me in the way everlasting.”- Psalm 139:23-24

This verse echoed through my brain for weeks and became louder and louder the closer Ashley and I got to the Indiana Dunes National Park. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until you find clarity about your life. At the time it felt logical because I wasn’t carving out time for quiet reflection and prayer. All these huge decisions, fears, and unknowns diverted my attention from what is truly important, that is what I want to say.

Take time to quiet the noise of the world to speak with our dear Savior. 

While you don’t have to drive 200 miles to find quiet, The Dunes¬†were the perfect place for me because I am always inspired by a walk in the woods. And if you and your spouse/friends differ in vacation preferences the mix of beach dunes and woodsy trails are perfect for everyone. Bridges, streams, beaches, and lookouts lend to the perfect picturesque views for quiet reflection, or if you are like us the roar of the ocean’s waves drowning out the world’s noise is heavenly.

What made this place so special wasn’t just the varying landscape but; the shell collectors and dog walkers on the beach, the local artist trade shows, specialty ice cream, and pasta like I’ve never had before! Not only was this Ashley and I’s first trip to The Dunes, but this would also be her first stay in an Airbnb.

Our host knocked it out of the park with amazing perks like a towel warmer, a shower of your dreams, a full kitchen, beautiful property to explore, and more. It was as if we had two experiences in one with the coziest location for relaxing indoors or out.

This trip felt freeing. Can you feel that in the photos?

My intent in sharing my travels is never to incite jealousy or superiority but to give you a piece of peace. I simply want to share my stories with you the same way my family does when we gather around the table. I want you to be inspired to chase your dreams, to find time to reflect and grow. I want this to be a space to explore the world and its beauty and to marvel at our Savior’s vast Creation.

Until next time Lovely Friend,

Kim Kauffman

Klassic Photography

  • Angie K.

    December 1, 2020

    Makes me want to go to the beach now! I’m glad you had such a great trip!

    • klassic

      December 3, 2020

      Oh, thank you. Yes, we had a great time!

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