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- Jan 20, 2020 -

Hey There Lovely,


You are stunning. You are dressed in white, approaching the entrance. Your father is beside you, promising not to let you fall. Your nerves are high, as high as they’ve ever been. The doors open and you gracefully glide down the aisle, your soulmate is gazing back at you, you become the only two people in the world. At that moment, you are completely captivated by each other. Your wedding day goes as planned, or it doesn’t regardless at the end of the day you are married.



All the work you put into this day falls away; you have been preparing for this day almost since the moment he popped the question. All the decisions are made; all the questions have been answered. This decision-making process can be overwhelming; any assistance is appreciated, that is where this event comes in.



Sparkling table cloths and draped organza welcome many guests into the Best Western event center on Sunday, January 12, for the first annual Best of the Prairie Bridal Expo. Brides are welcomed with sponsor bags and free admission, with friends and family admitted for a reasonable price of five dollars. Guests are welcome to visit 29 vendors and have their choice of viewing a morning or afternoon model session complete with brides, grooms, and bridesmaids all dressed in David’s Bridal’s 2020 collection.



Classic Design organized every aspect of this event and having seen this from a vendor and model standpoint; I honestly can’t wait until next year’s event — connections between myself and the guests as well as the vendors made for a successful day. The atmosphere was full of bustling guests, wedding soundtracks, sweet treats, demonstrations, flashmob, and more. Green Mill Village brought unique charm and documentation to the event. I can’t wait to see the video they produce. Having a space to share my creative outlet other than on social media was so rewarding. Speaking face-to-face and explaining my desire to capture your wedding day how YOU see it was priceless. I enjoyed conversation with so many of you and surrounded by local vendors, who were friends made the time fly by.


Check out the list of amazing vendors:




I knew this would be a rewarding experience I just wasn’t prepared for all the amazing people I would meet! Coffee dates are set up in the future with a fellow model, a few vendors and beautiful new friendships are blooming. It is times like this it’s not just about work. Yes, it’s great to have people see and appreciate my work and make the commitment of entrusting me to preserve their memories. THAT IS WHAT I DO!

But WHO I AM is a relationship bridge: between each other with the ultimate goal to serve God to the best of our ability. At least that is what I try to be. And this event let me do both of those things and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity.

So Thank You for reading, following, commenting and listening as I share on this platform.


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  • Angie K.

    January 21, 2020

    You did a fabulous job with your booth! I can see you and your style in all of it. I’m so glad you made some good connections with vendors and got to talk to possible clients about their wedding. Beautiful work!

    • klassic

      March 6, 2020

      Thanks so much! Yes I tried to have it capture my style and your experience!

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