Living on Purpose

- Dec 24, 2019 -

Maybe you aren’t looking ahead past Christmas like I am right now, but I am already gearing up for New Years’. Along with that comes New Years Resolutions and I just realized we don’t often stop at the end of the year and look back to see what we have accomplished thus far.

So I am going to do that right now. This is my Thankfulness list. It’s my accomplishments. It’s my dreams coming true and it’s my adventures. To live life like this is important to me. It’s how I’m living life on purpose.

Confucious says,” The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.”

I hope this encourages you to make your own list of accomplishments to share with the world.

I am an avid reader of Bella Grace Magazine and one of the many positive actions in their Field Guide is making personal lists of gratitude and positivity. They have inspired me in this way to make my own list for 2019.


First Annual Family Christmas House Tour Walk  

Coming Home for Family Gathering in Pennsylvania

Tea Brewing Tutorial

Sent home from work with -16 degree weather  

A conference call with Doctors

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Volunteered with Church Youth  

 Quote: “No, the enemy can’t take what I have or change who I am, I belong to you.” –Belong to you

Goodbye Dinner with Mak before she heads to Phoenix  

Commission an indoor wall/backdrop design

Coffee with Pauline discussing our medical condition

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Speak at Gather. Give. Grow Event

Design a Booth for Gather. Give. Grow Event  

Plan A Trip To Africa  

Coffee with a brand new Friend: Sarah

Speech for Worship Celebration in Church

Speech for Community Worship Celebration

Help Sarah Decorate for her 80th Birthday Party

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Travel to Pennsylvania to see family  

Quote: “Wait for the Lord, Be strong take heart and wait for the Lord.” –Psalm 27:14

A Sweet Baby Kate Photoshoot  

Partnered with model Stella Wang for a Photoshoot

Said Yes To Africa

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Mom and I made a killer porch swing

 Tim Hawkins show with the girls: Leslie & Tessla  

Helped a friend move 

Vote for Church Denomination

A Friend’s Wedding  

Graduation Parties 


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Fortune Cookie, “You will step on the soil of many countries.

A friend from Cali came for a visit  

Momma Mia Play at Doudna Theater

Helped build a wall with my dad  

Fireworks Because Arthur does it earlier

Fishing for Father’s Day

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First time leading worship during the service

Family Pizza Night  

Book Flights and Hotel Stays for Africa

Family Reunion

Fair week 

Quote: You owe it to yourself to follow your dreams.

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Back to School Mini-Series Photoshoot Event

Africa Vaccine in Springfield

Long Weekend in Shawnee National Forest  

Casey, IL with Laura & Liza  

Travel to Pennsylvania to see family

Annual Kauffman Family Labor Day Campout Weekend

Re-pot all plants

Austin’s Wedding

Donate Photoshoot to Arthur Mennonite Relief Sale  

Finish Turkish Movie Marathon (My friends make fun of me for this, so you can too!) 

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First Doggie Photoshoot


Amsterdam & Belgium!!! 

84th Birthday Party for Marie

Quote: ”I had no idea that a terrain could nourish me emotionally and spiritually.”-Christine Bailey

Anointed in oil 2x

Herschberger Photoshoot


First-Ever Arthur Christian School Photoshoot  

Dye my hair black  

Ordered/Designed Photobooks from Africa, Amsterdam & Belgium

Wrote a Children’s book for my nephew  

Anniversary Party Photoshoot

Meet a dear old friend for coffee: Beth

(She’s not old but our friendship is ;)  

Grandpa was hospitalized, Praise the Lord he came through 

Goss Photoshoot  

Decorate for Christmas (I know!)

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My Birthday Month!!

Christmas Mini-Series Photoshoot Event

Host Africa Party Night for 20 friends

Host Hallmark Movie Night: Leslie & Tess  

Host Miller Thanksgiving & Hunter’s Birthday Party

Finished Remember God by Annie F. Downs  

Quote: ”I am sore wounded, but not slain. I will lay down and bleed a while and then rise up and fight again.

–John Dryden  

Move to Uptown Banking Location

Co-Lead Creation Sunday Worship Celebration

Birthday Giveaway 

Thanksmas with Family (Miles’ reaction to his book was totally worth it!)

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Holy Spirit Words, “Get ready for change. 

Partner with Basic Invite to offer clients 30% off their order

Guest Blog for Basic Invite

Invitation to join focus group for a companion book to Free Fall

Tri-County Welding Christmas Dinner Photoshoot  

Host Coffee Shop Group Christmas  


Invitation to join The Best of the Prairie Wedding Expo in January at the Best Western!


Do you see a theme in your own list? What do you place importance on? Maybe it’s dancing in your kitchen with the kids or watching them take their first steps. Small dreams and big dreams coming true all need to be celebrated.

That is precisely why I made this list to celebrate.

I hope you find joy and peace as you look back at your own many accomplishments. Would you be brave and share them too?

I hope so lovely friend. Thank you for reading along and following this crazy, fun, journey with me.

Until Next Year,

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

xoxo, Klassic Photography








  • Angie K.

    January 2, 2020

    This is a great list of things to be proud of and thankful for as you close out 2019! I’m glad my little family and I could be a part of your highlights! <3

    • klassic

      January 19, 2020

      Thank you, dear! Love you too!

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