5 quick tips to feel organized in the new year

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Hey, Lovelies, Happy New Year!

Is your head still spinning from the holiday parties and back to school craziness?

I know I am. Obviously, because this post could have helped you two weeks ago.

However, you might benefit more now.

I was thinking about what could really improve my brain space and cause me to instantly feel:

Motivated, Organized, Ready, Stress-free. 

When I say brain space this is for those who need to have some order in their lives or they can’t function properly.

If this isn’t you then skip on through and check out the pretty photos!

5. Clean your Car

Yep. Most Americans spend an average of 17,600 Minutes Driving Each Year.

So with all that time spent behind the wheel, it feels great to have a fresh-smelling fry-less car.

*Tip if you don’t have the funds for a professional clean you can always…

Empty the trash and take a shop vac to it.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in 10 minutes.

4. Clean out your fridge

Nobody likes moldy smelly dishes. Throw them away if you have to.

Your mental health is worth more than a $2.00 WalMart Container.

Your welcome!

*Tip if you want to go crazy and get really organized buy some clear plastic containers to hold your string cheese.

Invest in those wine bottle holders. Label things. Go nuts.

3. Back-up your phone images

If you have icloud this is a no brainer.

If you don’t grab a cord and stick it in your computer and download away.

You will thank me if your phone ever lands in a toilet, gets covered in peanut butter or the screen suddenly goes black.

All those images will be safely stored for another day.

*Tip I like to keep folders of images. Throw a date on them for easy retrieval.

2. Delete/Consolidate your phone’s notes

I have passwords, reminders, recipes, lists, and more stored in my notes.

The new year is the perfect time to clear away old information.

Combine notes. Delete old info.

*Tip this is a great place to keep your new year’s resolutions, goals, dreams or habits you would like to start!

Last, but not least!

Research your Senior’s Photographer

Of course, this has to make the list! In case these images aren’t obvious,

Now is a great time to be thinking about your Graduating Senior’s photoshoot.

*Tip Photographers love to schedule things in advance and would love a reason to have coffee with you!

Leave a comment here, message me on Facebook, send an email, smoke signal, call, text.

I promise I will answer them all!

Thanks for checking out my 5 quick Organization Tips for 2019.

I hope it lightens your load!

Until next time, lovelies


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