Hey, Plant Lady!

- Mar 21, 2017 -

Hey, it’s Plant Lady here! Happy Spring!

First, are you ready for birds chirping and green things sprouting from the ground? I know I am! That’s why as soon as I saw this Plant Lady Shirt from Magnolia Market I had to have it. I am the quintessential plant lady, and I love watching the show, Fixer Upper starring Chip & Joanna Gaines and their sweet family.

Another great thing about Chip and Jo, not only do they have great taste in plants, but also design, decor, energy, baking! I could go on and on! Tune in at 8:00 central time for their show airing on HGTV. I will be on the couch with sweet tea and a friend beside me excitedly anticipating one of the last shows of the season.

I am extremely jealous of Joanna’s greenhouse set up on her family farm. She has a beautiful greenhouse on site with lots of greens. My brown thumb comes out only when growing herbs, so I stick to houseplants. Either way, though something green can add the perfect touch of spring indoors. Try a succulent if you’re new to houseplants. They are an inexpensive experiment if it doesn’t work out, and most succulents take very little water.

Also, If you’re on a budget instead of going to a greenhouse for your first plant, think about getting a start from a friend or planting seeds. Here’s a little tip, don’t be afraid to give your house plants a little cold coffee to perk them up right before spring or add ice cubs to the pot for slow watering.

If you’re in my area check out Prairie Gardens in Champaign, IL for gorgeous plants and exotic orchids. They have a great selection and their staff are very knowledgeable.

Leave a comment below with your greenhouse favorites. What kinds of plants do you love? Have you thought about experimenting with air plants? What about a terrarium? Any growing tips you would like to share?

Happy Spring Planting…

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